IP Gains Suggestion!!!

Ok, we all know that getting IP is a massive pain, as it would take a day to make around 600-800IP Including first win bonuses, It would take around a week to save up for a 6300 champion, which if you ask me its a long time to wait so I thought to myself, "what can Riot do that could speed up the IP gains a little bit and make IP more fun and satisfying to gain" then it hit me, when I heard about the champion mastery I was overjoyed, love the system but what would be even better is gaining a little bonus IP per rank up on a champion, a great example would be, **Champion mastery level 2 will give you 40 IP Champion mastery level 3 will give you 60 IP Champion mastery level 4 will give you 80 IP Champion mastery level 5 will give you 100 IP** I think it would be great and encourage more people to master champions that they haven't played much of, its not a massive IP gain but its enough to make champion mastery more satisfying and enjoyable, I would love to hear what you guys think. **Vote this post up if you like the idea thank you :D** **If you don't like the idea please let me know why :) **
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