Tower Dives

I was playing {{champion:90}} mid against a {{champion:157}} who tower dived me and I ulted him under tower which killed him as I knew I was going to die from ignite. From the equal trade, {{champion:157}} still ended up outscaling me just on that one kill alone and bought a {{item:3087}}'s new baby item, Kris and was immediately able to clear waves much faster then me a did way more damage and then he just wondered down to botlane and killed our ADC (who I told to get back with multiple pings) but still. Yasuo and I were even and yet he still wins pretty much all encounters with him because AD's now get their power spikes too early. I have noticed this with most ADC's. {{item:1038}} sword is the problem, its too CHEAP. It needs to go back up to 1500 gold to give a good enough chance for an AP mid to counter in mid lane. and one think I've always wanted to asked, I wonder if anyone can answer this. If you build {{item:3065}} or {{item:3001}}, then why does {{champion:7}} still take off half your health bar with one distortion like you never actually had them. That makes 0 sense.
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