Another "I deserve challanjour, but noob teams keep me stuck in bronze" topic

I was gold 3 last season, now i got demoted to Silver 2 and looks like I'm stuck here... Yeah that mmr stuff is awesome and i can get about 25 LP for a win and lose about 15, but I'm still S2 with 3LP! My last 20 games score is 6-14! Should i concern? WTF is wrong with this? Every time I start a game some lane start feed like insane or suddenly we lose all lanes. I understand everyone have bad games, but when ex platinum Le Blank main lose lane vs Lux even with jungler help and you feel pain watching her mechanics, or support with 4! wards placed at 21min. something should be wrong, especially with this new system where you don't have to play position you are bad at. Maybe thats some kind of punishment or something? Well, I open my match history and try to count all my wins and defeats, and found my 21/1/12 Trundle game (We win that game 4v5 (adc didn't show up)) and when i thought about my situation. After this game, Rito was like: "Oh, so you think you are Mr. Tough guy? We will see about that" and match me with all these guys. Could be a true story? I feel so unbalanced right now. Can someone explain me why is this happening and give advices what should I do next? :/ P.S. Don't advice me to kill myself. I've been thinking about it already and I came to the conclusion - maybe not today. P.P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
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