The history of Zeal items

Statikk Shiv
Movement › Other Movement Items Statikk Shiv is a finished item in League of Legends.[1] Gold Value 87. 4% gold efficient, without its Statikk Shiv is passive. For 327.Statikk Shiv to be considered gold efficient, its passive must be worth at least 5 . Statikk Shiv's passive will if the associated basic attack also .
{{item:3086}} , {{item:3086}} , {{item:3086}} We have had a long walk with you dear {{item:3086}} When the adc update hit, {{item:3087}} got buffed, {{item:3046}} got nerfed and changed, {{item:3085}} became a zeal item and was very good, {{item:3094}} was introduced but was weak in its first form. {{item:3085}} got nerfed for being to good and because riot saw people buying this too clear minions easily. {{item:3094}} got nerfed for some reason? {{item:3087}} got buffed vs minions to clear them easily in patch 6.9 as to give another option for clearing minions than {{item:3085}} Riot later woke up and realised: HEY {{item:3094}} is actually really MEH xd so they buffed it and gave the 35% increased energized passive. {{champion:51}} could no longer stack her passive with {{item:3085}} and got nerfed in patch 7.9 so the item saw a lot less purchase. BUT WHAT DID THIS ALL MEAN? SO the go to item {{item:3085}} got nerfed. {{item:3046}} is still a shadow of its former self and {{item:3094}} is still just very MEH. But what item stayed relevant since season 4? good ol {{item:3087}} but then riot was like W T F? we buffed this item now we need to remove those buffs a year later. PS riot: please make up your mind {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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