need help finding a kindred build

im a kindred main so i know how to play the champion but im also low elo so my builds are really crap. now i had a build that was working for me but now after the crit changes im stuck and i really need help, so my old build was this: {{item:1412}} or {{item:1419}} (depending on enemy comp) --------> {{item:3095}} --------> boots --------> {{item:3094}} -------->{{item:3071}} or {{item:3026}} --------> (situational) {{item:3156}} or {{item:3033}} or {{item:3036}} (if i didnt need any of the situational items then i would take both Black Cleaver and GA together. but after crit changes im not sure what to do, i dont play kindred like an adc, i played her more off an assassin that would catch people out but i dont like lethality kindred so i though having some crit was good to do it, also the old stormrazer i felt was really nice with my play style because of the crit on first attack but now that the item is changed im lost also i dont really like bork on kindred because it doesnt really give me burst, and i prefer burst more than sustain since i have my ult if things go south can someone please help create a build for me

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