These poor guys need a visual rework.

Warwick{{champion:19}} : February 21th 2009 Teemo{{champion:17}} : February 21th 2009 Fiddlesticks{{champion:9}} : February 21th 2009 Kennen{{champion:85}} : April 8th 2010 Malzahar{{champion:90}} : June 1st 2010 Mordekaiser{{champion:82}} : February 24th 2010 Nunu{{champion:20}} : February 21th 2009 Rammus{{champion:33}} : July 10th 2009 Udyr{{champion:77}} : December 2nd 2009 Urgot{{champion:6}} : August 24th 2010 Zilean{{champion:26}} : April 18th 2009 Kog'Maw{{champion:96}} : June 24th 2010 These are some of the oldest champions and their release date. None of them got any model rework since their release. Even if they got a texture update, their models looks old and don't fit with the actual appearance of the game. Riot, don't you think you should do something for these poor champions? Not a complete rework but something like Alistar with a new model and new animations?
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