After watching worlds and playing against le blanc, you have to admitt her revert was a mistake

Maybe her rework wasn't that good (even if I found it more fun to play and play against myself), but watching how broken she is in worlds and having played against her I think it was a pretty big mistake to revert her rework. If they couldn't find a way to make a good rework, it would've been better to just leave her how she was then to just revert her. It's very hard to play against her now and not much you can do about it. She is not good for the game health and balance and I would rather have her reverted back to a not as good rework then to let her stay as she is. That's what I think. At least they need to add delay or counterplay to her kit somehow... EDIT: Im not against lb as a champ, it's just that I want her to not one shoot everything without some sufficent counterplay like her reworked used to.
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