So I am forced to play ranked? **[rant and reason]**

Let me start by saying I consider myself a veteran, I have been around since season 1, coming from DotA and HoN long before that. Some people might know what I am talking about. I know there are a lot of threads about this and that Riot probably cares a lot less about EUNE than other regions. But I really consider quitting this game after all these years. This got to be the worst season I witnessed so far and it barely started. Let me tell you why: * **Implementation of** completely ridiculous and gamechanging **PLANTS** (yes PLANTS) * **removing** any **counterplay to stealth** (who came up with this crap?) * **removing** the second **best queue** (normal draft) after removing the best queue (team builder) **I mean WHY, WHY ON EARTH would you remove one of the best things ever implemented in this game, which was GREATLY received by everyone.** People who enjoyed team builder and normal draft DON'T CARE about longer queue times, as long as they can play an enjoyable game. I can't play a blind pick and have fun, it's simply not possible, for all the reasons everyone already brought up. So this season I am forced to play ranked or switch to my alternate account on EUWE to actually play games I like? What the hell were you thinking? **To piss off the playerbase that made this game big and great and earns you millions? ** Not the brightest idea if you ask me. People playing blind pick may be the majority, but I bet you anything they are not the people who actually dedicate to this game and spend a lot of money on it. They are more likely casual players. So think again, without just seeing numbers, because just numbers won't tell you anything. Listen to your dedicated player base or get lost. _Sincerely, one truly disappointed gamer_
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