My placement after recent matchmaking fix...

So at the start of pre-season I played the ranked flex and won 9/10 placements which got me into gold 3, which i was happy with as my placement games had diamonds and platinums on either teams but now after the matchmaking fix I played another placement like it required for me to get ranked again and I got placed Bronze 2! I mean, I even won it with auto-filled sona support and s-'d in that match!! I'm not sure if it is a mistake or the system really thinks i should be in bronze but it annoys me the thought of climbing the tedious ladder to gold again when I've already done it twice (from playing with some lower elo friends). If the system honestly thinks i should be in bronze i guess i will have to respect that but I will be very unsupporting of this matchmaking system. If riot, you can agree that this was a mistake would there be anyway to get me back to gold where i can feel more challenged again? (that is the whole part of ranked right?)** I dont understand how 10/11 placement matches won which included opponents in platinum+ elo could land me in bronze 2 even after i was originally placed gold! **
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