Duo-lane game design flaws...

It makes me quiet sad that Riot is so focused on nerfing ADCs that they ignore the elephant in the room. So obvious : **Supports are OP** and this is the primary reason why the game is entirely centered around botlane. Having a dominant botlane is a key factor (along with "Jungle advantage" and "wave clear/push advantage") in season 8's META. If I look at the past seasons, this trend started way back in 2017 pretty much. The game is mostly about coin flip bot lane and win. Tank supports have it way too sweet. Enchantress are simply brain AFK gameplay Shielding/Healing 24/7. Soon we even get assassin supports U_U The issue is that if you ever happen to get a bad support by your side, you will most definitely lose out by a high margin, and there is Nothing you can do about it as an ADC : - Down 20 to 50 cs - lose tower early - Probably lose first dragon - probably die and lack Xp (1 or 2 levels) Why is that so deterministic ? Simply because supports have to much impact on the ebb and flow of the duo lane. Bot lane is League of Supportcraft and that is NOT fun. I can take all the ADC and crit item nerfs in the world... but please Nerf supports ! - Nerf Support items and their gold passives - Nerf ambiant gold - Remove catch up XP so they can't roam all around the map and still get XP progression anymore - Nerf Tank support's base stats - Nerf base dmg across the board and increase damage and utility scaling - Bring back philosopher's stone =^) Doing this would make the game a lot more fun actually. Thank me later Rito.

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