Can someone explain me this situation with the MMR?

So I was practicing a lot and trying to find as many mistakes I did as possible to improve. So after I did I went back into ranked, that was about a week ago. So I started off at silver 5 and my MMR was matching with it, a bit lower than my current rank. After my practice however, I started to carry and win a lot of games, having huge winstreakes through the week. some games were lucky I admit it, but atleast 70% of all the games I won was because of my own performance that I improved. So my MMR started to rise fast with that, soon I was near promo and my MMR was already around silver 2-ish. I went into the promo and won it directly, even jumping directly from silver 5 to silver 3. Now the weird part kicks in. With the next game I won my mmr decreased quite a bit, from silver 1-ish to silver 3. After that I won some more games but it didn't increase nor decrease, weird I thought. Right know it seems to be pretty mixed up, I often encounter in the enemy team high silvers - gold players, while in my team are a lot of silver 5's or even bronze players. Now I understand that there is the possibility that the enemies justhave low mmr and the guys in my team high, but it's weird since some of my teammates were on a loosing streak and often they weren't performing at all as if their MMR should be higher.

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