Problems I personally see in champions.

I'm Gonna be listing all the problems I see in champions, I'm going to try to categorize it to make it less mind numbing. The most irritating in my opinion is **"face roll champions"**, Under this category for me goes champions which don't require any or very little mechanical skill in order to play well. **Annie**, really only requires a player to use all spells in sequence to dominate a team fight, all of them being either targeted or AOE doesn't help either, making it almost impossible to miss someone especially if you use your passive stun. **Jax**, requires the player to press all the keys while pointing at a character in order to delete them, and any other champions in the near vicinity while blocking auto attacks, and dealing insane DPS. **Kayle**, entirely auto attack based, ranged AOE DPS that is completely mixed damage making it hard to build against her, not to mention the fact that she cannot die. **Master Yi **Not much has to be said about the infamous champion at this point, even though Yi has a high skill cap, you can be borderline mentally %%%%%%ed and still succeed in climbing with high DPS, invulnerability, healing, true damage, movement speed, and insane attack speed. ** Teemo** Nicknamed "satan" and many other names in the community should make it more than obvious that this is arguably the most hated character in the entire game. With so many viable builds, 0 abilities that require any mechanical skill or game knowledge to use successfully, including poison damage, 20 wards that function as incredibly annoying mines. **Garen**, the so called tank fighter hybrid, Garen unlike many other brawlers doesn't really require you to hit some kind of skill shots or tricky abilities. I genuinely believe that Garen could be played by an autistic baboon, the character only requires the player to click Q, followed by E and once done press R, if taking damage use W. Not even touching his passive which punishes the enemy for killing enemies. And Finally **Xin Zhao** in many ways similar to Master Yi and Jax, by having insane DPS and a very simple kit, not much to say about him that wasn't summed up in my complaints on Yi and Jax. Next up is annoying characters, that create an unfun environment for all players, Teemo, Fizz, Yasuo, Mundo ect. I believe all the characters I listed here should be reworked.
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