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I don't know what to say, I always **defend **RIOT against delusional players that think the matchmaking is there to get them, it's rigged to keep them lose, or matchmaking is bad because they lose. But this becoming unfun to be honest. All games are so bad one side that is ridiculously unfun even if you **win** or **lose**. I am a player that like to play the game, the fun for me coming from playing the game in a friendly environment without flame and toxicity and in similar matched skills where differences are made by small mistakes or small outplays, or better objectives calling. The victory is just a sweet bonus. When skills are similar and you make a win because of a better outplay is so rewarding, or because team called better an objective defend or rush, so rewarding and nice, this make me happy and bring me joy not the VICTORY banner in the end but the quality of the game, so even if in the end is LOSE its a bit sour but still I had a great game experience and I am happy. Sad for last couple of years and especially last year and this year, games are just one sided and an equal game come in 1 in 100 or 1 in 200 games, so rare that I don't even remember my last equal game this season. Problem is not because of snowballing, sure that's a big part also, but players are just one sided skilled, your enemy destroy you and your team feel like headless chickens running around and don't know what to do, they get outplayed and outsmarted in most previsible and silyl scenarios OR it's the reverse you do that to enemy and enemy feel like they are **real ** new players on level 15 accounts. This is a reason why we see so angry players on boards complaining, because if you are on the losing team and game is so one sided but you do good it can be frustrating, where they are wrong is they only complain about losses and they don't show one sided game when they won, so I am not agreeing with them, but I see why they feel frustrated. I complaining not about win or lose but that games are stomp or be stomped and for me it's not fun even on win side. I wanted to write this long ago, but I did not, but now I just had this game and I just wanted to share my feeling with you. https://i.gyazo.com/9f15629fb50a676c98b9e81f2975032b.png I had absolutely no joy, I was bored, was not fun, and had no joy after the win banner apear, enemy did not had a bad game, you can't say that, everyone of them feel like level 15. I really** don't get why** I just want equal games with similar skilled players to struggle in close games and have a great game, if it's a win **great bonus** if it's a lose at least was a **great experience**. But this one side thing, if you win is boring and feel like you play vs bots and if you lose it feel like some smurfs had fun with you, in both cases is NOT FUN!
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