This game is completely disgusting.

I started playing in season 2 I believe, and quit around 2016 when they introduced dynamic queue. I was d1 from season 2-4 or something. I've tried getting back into this shitty game, but I found it to be way too disgusting now (more than I can ever remember) so I uninstalled it again. Here is my commentary on the game in it's current state: Playing normal blind-pick games felt like playing ranked in platinum/gold or some shit. Almost everyone were smurfing, rarely did I see someone who actually were new at the game (which means that your crappy game is slowly dying, haha). Way, way too %%%%ing tryhard, who the hell wants to play this sweaty ass game? Especially when you're talking about beginners. I can not imagine someone who has just installed this game and is trying it out for the first time, going into a normal game and finding it fun in any remote sense of the word, and wanting to do anything but uninstalling this abdomination as quickly as possible afterwards. I can not imagine this game gaining any new players at all. This game is incredibly unfun and incredibly unappealing for people who don't already play it. I used to play normal games for fun with friends before, doing troll stuff such as going botlane with zilean and fiddlesticks and just poking the crap out of the enemies. That would never ever ever occur in the abdomination that is league of legends s10, because everyone tryhards as if they are playing the the world championship finals, and the game itself is garbage and unfun. The playerbase is incredibly toxic and disgusting, more than ever before, although you're also probably banning more people than ever before. The whole ban system is like something taken out of a communist dystopia. Almost no one uses chat anymore because you have created a ridiculous environment with your insane "banning toxic players" policy, where almost no one dares to say anything in fear of being perma banned. The game feels dead when you play it, because no one dares to talk anymore (and the gameplay itself sucks and feels dead, but I'll get to that later). Someone went afk in about 50% of the normal games I played (maybe even more, I don't remember). Maybe you could first and foremost start banning the %%%%ing afkers before anything else, so people can **actually play the %%%%ing game**? Especially when there's a mute button in place already. Your shitty toxicity-ban-system doesen't work either, because people adapt to it and flame in a nasty, passive-agressive manner instead, and when you respond to it you end up getting perma-banned yourself. I'm all for banning flamers, but you put way too much empasis on it. Second of all, people are gonna flame when you create such a disgusting and imbalanced game as this. Fix your shitty ass game first and foremost (but you won't, it's just gonna die a slow death), and see this community flourish. Don't demand your playerbase to act like a bunch of %%%%ing eunuchs when you force them to eat shit and constantly spit on them. The gameplay is so %%%%ing boring in the game's current state. You've added way too much shit into the game (monster timers, über specialized support itemization, über specialized jungle itemization, trinkets, blablabla). All of these things add up and essentially takes away people's control over the game's outcome, it removes the sandbox element from the game and makes it less creative. The way to win a game of LoL in 2020 is by picking a broken champion like Cassiopiea, because the only way you can control the outcome anymore is by out-picking the opponent, not actually outplaying the opponent, because there is barely any room for outplay anymore since you removed all of that. The game feels **so** %%%%ing un-creative and boring. You never see any "hidden-op champs" or "hidden-op strats" pop up anymore, because there is nothing to discover in this dead game anymore. The game is just all about first-picking monstrosities like Fiora, Vayne, Lee Sin, Akali, and get a free win. You've added so many %%%%ing champions into the game, but what good does it do when only a couple of picks are viable anyway if you actually want to win? Who the %%%% has the time and energy to learn what all of these 100+ champs do when the game is boring as shit and useless anyway? I mean I could understand it if the game was actually good and worth a damn, but in it's current state?! Jesus %%%% no. How the %%%% is a beginner supposed to be bothered to play this %%%%ing game when there is so much he needs to know about this game unless he wants to be placed in iron 5? Why do you have so few items and so many champs? There's like 1-2 %%%%ing viable builds per champ. Why is it so hard to just start adding in more items so that more champs can actually start being played, instead of creating more champs when you can just play a few of them anyway since there are too few items and runes? When you create more champs you just put another champ into the trash-heap, you don't create any content at all. You just make the game way more complicated than it has to be. It's already a dead and shitty game, why would you complicate this mess even further? The game is bizarrely imbalanced and grotesque in it's current state, and you empower monstrosities like Master Yi and Vayne even further by giving them items that synerigze with their already disgusting kit. How can anyone be bothered to play this game when a master Yi with rageblade removes your champion from the screen in 0.5 seconds while diving you under the turret? How can you claim to even be balancing this game when you allow things like that to occur? I mean this game is just so completely disgusting and useless. %%%% this stupid %%%%ing game and everyone involved with it.
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