Punishment for Spam Pinging on your Champion by Other Players

I really had enough of people spam pinging on the top of your champion for things like (Why you didn't you kill the enemy champion, why did you do this, what are you doing) You understand the idea. We all do mistakes , even the pro players do mistakes. Why do people have to ping 1 milion times on a person head??? Riot should make punishment for everyone who does that. I know that there is a command to block the chat and i know there is a command to block the pings - /fullmute all . But im just tired of this because every single game i have to do that and its really annoying. When people do that other people rage too and then they swear and get banned. At least Riot should make an option in the menu where you can completly disable the chat and the pings when you enter a new game. I know its not good idea but at least you will not TILT so much when you play your goddamn game.
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