Riven should be reworked

First of all, even though this is yet another topic about Riven, save yourself some of your pro time and don't tell us to learn how to counter her etc etc.. seriously, teach a monkey how to say this sentence and it can replace your useless ass... Riven is broken and we all know it, Rito doesn't want to admit it so they said they asked a pro if she is broken and the pro said no, so now Rito has a backup and they don't have to work on it anymore... It is not just me, not just brozne players or noobs.. If you follow some of the youtubers or even pro players, most of them say the same... Riven is too strong.. and yes, even pro players admit it, just conveniently not the ones Riot asked about her.. :) .. she has 4 gap closers, stun, shield that scales with her AD (ridiculous bshit), AA buff from passive, AD buff from ult, extended range and wide snipe skillshot... if you wanna run from her you can't as she will bunny hop and catch you, if you wanna catch her you can't, she will bunny hop and run away, if you have channeled ult you're screwed cause she can stun you, if you are a skill shot champ you're screwed because she can jump out of the way easily, before the ignorant part of you will say something about countering her, even if you do on top, she will just go and destroy your carries and no, you can't easily peel her off... she is the type of champ who doesn't even need too many items to wreck everything, 2 is enough.. and if you're trying to fight her in lane, she can easily negate your strongest damage ability just by maxing that stupid AD shield second.. so even if you put five points into your main damage ability, if she shields it you will be lucky if you even tickle her with it, while she uses that against you, jumps in your face and take half your health with only Q... Riot just doesn't know how to balance her and this ridiculous excuse saying that pros don't think she is strong is just lame.. .. Now I will save you some time and steal the little bit of originality you think you have and answer for you, so you do not have to reply to this "Q_Q" "another Riven topic" "another noob who doesn't know how to counter her" "Riven is easy" "you suck" "bronze" "buy armor" ... etc etc..
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