List an underrated champion of your choice and explain why (s)he is actually incredibly strong

{{champion:516}} Oh boy. I just recently really got into this guy and holy moly he is probably one of the best pure tank champions in this game. If he can dominate his lane he can keep putting the enemy further behind because he can upgrade his items when in lane and does not need to recall to base just for the sake of items. He has massive CC potential albeit people need to get the hang of his q and e interaction to make the best use of it if there is no other terain available. Items are a huge powerspike in this game. Well guess what? You can enhance 2 of your own core items as well as 1 core item for each ally. That is massive! Eventually in the late game everyone will likely have maxed out their item builds - well the team with ornn now has a huge advantage because 1 item for each player (2 for oran himself) will be stronger than usual. Not to mention any armor stats he gets from items are specifically enhanced on him and will provide even more defensive value). I know everyone wants to be that flashy fed Jax or Riven player with 30 kills and no deaths but if people were to give actual tank champions a chance i would almost guarentee great results. I take it conquer and other tank-shredding mechanics prove to harsh on him for people to play him in ranked which is a bit of a shame considering his potential. I am actually impressed he dodged a nerf when other tanks {{champion:32}} and {{champion:33}} apparently proved too strong.
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