I. am. so. mad. right. now! Why RIOT? Just, why?! Why do you always like to destroy good champions?! Why have you done this to Cass?! SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY FINE! She didn't need any touch! Now, her Q range sucks! Her W is super awful with that fixed range! UTTER BULLSHIT! New CC in mah a$$ when enemies can escape it like nothing hit them! Her E is CLUNKY with that 0.9 s CD! I HAVE TO BUILD ZHONYA, MORRELLONOMIICON AND ABYSSAL FIRST TO GET TO 40% CD REDUCTION!!! Her early and mid game IS TRASHY!!! GARBAGE!!! UTTER USELESS!!! She doesn't feel like my main that was once! Now I won't play her! I hope no one plays her anymore and her popularity&winrate drop to the ground and you realize that you sucked with this rework!! Thanks Rito, thanks for ruining champions one by one without any need to do that! BRING HER BACK! I BEG YOU! {{summoner:3}} {{item:3070}}
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