[Twisted Treeline] RE:In defense of the Treeline, MEMORIES

In response to https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/HTfAqRAL-in-defense-of-the-treeline post My favorite memories of league to this day, strangely enough, are not from Summoners Rift, where I played thousands of games, but rather from Twisted Treeline. Specifically the old TT. Boy oh boy, camping the bot lane brush as full AP Evelynn and oneshoting the facechecking FULLTANK Nasus with my DFG+R+E+Q faceroll was just beautiful. My first oneshot ever I think. And on a tank on top of that :D And playing as Caitlyn in the Topside and placing traps all over the jungle Bushes just to snipe the enemy jungler who steps into them unnkowingly was sooo satisfying. Aah the sweet old days of 2013 and the nice old map. Strange, to this day, TT, despite being less than 10% of all my games in LoL still shines the strongest in my memory.
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