3 disconncects due to system maintenance...still no loss prevented

Riot please. You are performing live maintenance when I go into a ranked game and 3 people get disconnected. We lose the game of course but its ok. Im not worried. Riot wont give me a loss for this, because the circumstances leading up to my loss was out of my control. Oh wait, they dont care. I get a loss anyway. Thanks Riot. Literally go and insert a hotdog up your asses and then you will know the feeling of losing a game in a 5 vs 2 situation, whilst your imbecile game decides that I deserved the loss. Bill Gates managed to create Microsoft in a bloody garage, and with the vast resources available to you, you cant even come up with an algorithm that can detect when 2 or more players have disconnected resulting in an unfair game for everyone else in the game. Literally suck your stupid champion ideas back into your anuses and get those fucking brain boxes at your company to figure out some things that would actually make the game better you bunch of imbecilic pillocks.
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