Hello I'm a carry support and here's what I do

Firstly what is a carry support? you may ask. Well it's not like I'm dumbledoge or anything let me explain it you. My mains are {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} And yeah they are all perfectly fine for support but you know what I do with them? I build em full ap. I mean think about a mid laner apc but in bot lane. Get it? I'm not actually a mid laner I mean I'm like a cheap imitation of a mid laner. I generally start with a spellthief I mean you kinda need that for money then I go for luden, rylai, liandry, rabadon you name it I've got it. I sell that spellthief thingy and complete my void staff. I sometimes see people waste money on things like wards, I mean they even buy a sightstone which gives no ap and just some wards lol who needs that? I want my enemies out of my sight. Game gives you free wards anyway. Yeah use them wards save lives. But ap takes lives. Now ask yourself this: Do you want to be saved or do you want the crush your enemies? Yeah I know. I sometimes see that orangey thingies on sups like iron solari and that mikael thingy I have no idea what they do. But if you want cdr? Go for morel simple as that. I think they are defensive items anyway if you want defensive items go play top or jung. Yes all tops and jungs should be tanks and tank the damage while I one shot the enemy and carry you. My primary goal in lane is to one shot the adc or support whoever is closer I don't care. If I can't because that adc is a noob then I start to farm or just roam. I generally go to mid lane. I mean that guy just pushed the wave and backed so free farm and even a tower for me then. Lol stupid mid laner he thinks the wave should be pushed back to him as he goes back to his lane but I mean free tower and farm duh! So I take at least 2 wave and try to get the tower when mid laner comes back he should extend all the way to enemy tower to farm. Well tough luck pal if you are afraid of ganks buy some wards or even a sightstone I don't care. I'll cary the team anyway not you. Oh and yeah objectives are very important! So I got some money and complete my morel finally now I can just go back to bot and one shot enemy. Oh what's that? Our adc is feeding stupid noob. Thankfully the team has me. After laning phase I tend to go to jungle to get my blue then just walk around the map taking every farm I can see and yeah one shot anyone in my sight. If I get cought alone away from team and die I'll say oh my god I'm sup and they focus me lol noobs. Then I start flaming my teammates because they are all noobs while I'm 5/0 that noob adc is 0/4/3 I mean these noobs right? omg! I excel at team fights. I generally join after it started and finish up the enemiy. My fav. move is lux ult from a safe difference to get at least a double kill. I mean those plays are so fun but you have to time it like a pro just wait till they get really low so you can take the kill. I generally get stupid toxic team mates though that really sucks and that's why I'm like a plat player in silver but as a carry sup I can always go to their lane share the farm and xp and make life miserable for them. And they can't report me for helping out right? But I can report them all for all that flaming huh. So yeah I play ad teemo sup, I can play whatever I like this is a free game and no I don't protect my adc they are all idiots anyway if the enemy wins because enemy sup can protect his adc I'll just flame our adc. Simple as that. Oh and for summoner spells I always get flash and ignite. I mean flash is for flashing right into the enemy backline to get your penta and ignite is for early kills and finish off those fools trying to escape. I never get exhaust, exhaust is only for noobs and lcs players. If the enemy team has an assasin like zed or leblanc or fizz I don't get exhaust I get ignite then flame anyone who feeds em.
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