How to comeback in a losing game ??

last match i played as jungler mE and renekton got like 6 kills in 2 mins we begin fine kata was doing too in mid but bot lane gave draven 8 kills in under 5 mins .. after draven got his first double kill i told them to stay safe and farm and to buy wards i ganked bot lane we killed malph but draven survived . after that they again gave draven double kill now i cant gank them because draven is super fed i told them to stop dying stay safe because me and renekton were so ahead of ennemy team besides draven , told to ashe to farm jungle because she was behind and to leona to stay with us , but they didnt listen they kept going bot and dying in 3 vs 2 .. me and renekton and kata roam bot we killed ww and draven but again ashe and leona kept feeding draven . i still ask myself why would they fight someone who is 6 kills ahead instead of farming . even if we told them what to do i warded for them tried to get drake . draven end up having 20+ kill in less than 20 mins ?
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