One-Shots really making me lose interest

I don't really know how to start this post, so I'll just kick the door off the hinges. I would like to think that i haven't actually been able to really adapt to this OS meta, especially as adc. I just have no idea on what to do anymore and it upsets me so much that i actually want to stop playing LOL, and that depresses me because I really love this game. Is it because I'm suddenly exposed to better skilled players that knows how to abuse their advantage? I still have a game or 2 that i recorded from s5 (i think) where i could just about survive an almost on par assassin's burst and either die or kill depending on the how i position or the accuracy of my right-click. This season really made me not enjoy the game because of how easy it is too look at a grey screen. Rengar and Shaco, Evelynn in a way as well, did it so effortlessly and you almost always only saw them after you died. Akali and Talon kill you in 1 rotation, Zed takes 90% of your hp with W-E-QQ, Shyvana just about ults to the back line and all hell breaks loose. The worst is having an almost 2 completed item lead on them and still you just cannot fight them alone. Bearing in mind that I have been playing support and mid for most of this season and that my performance was quite intermediate at best during the second half of this season, I think it's just me not really getting to grips at adapting to it. I'm really just too afraid to walk around at all or even walk in range to auto attack in team fights. I literally force myself to step up to shoot something because I'm too afraid that the enemy team will dive, or just walk (I've lost count on how many times that has happened), straight past my team's front line and kill me. I don't mind assassin type champs to deal tons of damage, but in proportion to the items on an adc; if the assassin is almost 1.5 items behind, 2 levels behind and i get killed with basic spells in less than 2s, i can't see it being healthy at all. I do love playing assassins and i do love being able to 100-0 someone, but then i must be that far ahead to be able to do it, not from behind. If I'm just really off with game knowledge, it's fine, I'll just need to study up and learn then, but i just feel that playing adc against assassins with no backup is like having no immune system. What is the use of doing well enough early to at least be on par with them, if not ahead, and you just get deleted before you get the chance to at least put up a fight...
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