You know, of course you can play whatever you want, but... don't get to complain about bad teams, when your picks make no sense. I fully trust that the people who this concerns know who they are. I also fully expect this to get downvoted to deepest hell, but hey, who said speaking the truth was easy, right? Lets face some facts here: You pick a champion into a losing matchup, despite knowing it is one, and then blame the jungler when you go 0/3. What? How is it your junglers/support/toplaners/ANYONES fault when you lose 1v1 or 2v2? That guy did not MAKE you pick Jhin into tristana. That guy did not force you into Kayn mid vs. Cass. That guy did not make you pick Yasuo in a team with no tanks, against a Maokai Top. Oh, and no, your Janna Support is not _"THE WORST SUPP EVER!"_ because she cannot make you magically win lane when you pick Jayce ADC. She picked that support before you, and expected you to have the brains to realise how stronk ArdentC-Janna is with Tristana/Twitch/Cait. If you however take the one ADC that is useless unless hes ahead and has a strong melee support that can initiate his All-In combo fights...well, what did you expect to happen Ànd, the worst part about this, is not that you do THAT. The worst part is, when you actually do win games, with negative KDA, atrocious farm, 3 wards placed in 30 minutes...and then see your champion selection CONFIRMED because _"hurr durr I did win so guuuud!"_ No, you did not. Your team carried you, like a ton of bricks. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bottom line, play what you want. But when you do, at least have the decency to shut your flaming yapper. Thank you.
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