As the latest buff, Akali has officially more base health and MR than Nautilus.

Patch 9.14 Notes
Demacia Vice Garen and Demacia Vice Lucian will be available on July 18, 2019. W reduces damage by a flat amount; armor decreased; magic resist decreased. R no longer empowers basic attacks. W - Eclipse newFLAT DAMAGE REDUCTION Eclipse now grants 8/12/16/20/24 pre-mitigation damage reduction (maximum of 50% reduction) R - Solar Flare E now cancels in-progress dashes; bonus damage duration decreased.
Let's compare some base stats: {{champion:84}} (Assassin) Health: 550 - 2165 Armor: 23 - 82.5 Magic Resist: 23 - 82.5 {{champion:111}} (Tank) Health: 576.5 - 2038.5 Armor: 39 - 102.8 Magic Resist: 32.1 - 53.4 {{champion:57}} (Tank) Health: 565 - 2180 Armor: 39 - 107 Magic Resist: 32.1 - 53.4 {{champion:39}} (I don't even know. Whatever the %%%% she's%%%%posed to be.) Health: 580 - 2195 Armor: 36 - 87 Magic Resist: 32 - 53.3 I get it.** Tank items must suck, because if they are efficient, bruisers build them and become unkillable while killing everyone.** Or at least, that's what Riot stated when removing the "soak damage" part of the game through devastating, repeated nerfs to tank itemization through the years. _**If tankyness can't be purchased, then, what about we give champions that are supposed to tank damage, actually TANK BASE STATS?**_ Because I look above and if it wasn't for Armor values at lv.18 (thank god), I wouldn't be able to identify a champion's role. _I know that it sounds like a lot of extra work for those poor Riot's employees daily devoting their time, body and soul to endlessly developing with ritual monthly cadence a new set of changes for the sake of "the New Monsters" like Irelia, Aatrox, Akali, Pyke, Ryze, Sylas etc. They must have done something really horrible in their past lives to be damned to such a cyclical hell of neverending desperation: "Dude... I don't know anymore. Which part of Galio's kit can we try to remove this time in order to get rid of him in proplay???"_ (personal hint: he's a tank. His kit is the one of a tank. Remove his damage, let him tank damage) **On a side note, I am glad that Renekton shield break went through! Out of a Roster of 150 champions, half of them struggling to find succes AND identity, we try to solidify a new niche for an historically very solid and popular pick, appreciated for being the quintessential lane bully! ** Because you know, when I dare to pick a Nautilus in the toplane, I have a lot of agency against a Renekton, and can't help to think: "man, that's so easy. I wish I had a challenge". At least now guys I can enjoy him completely negating my only tank steroid with a point and click spell. Renekton didn't beat Nautilus easy enough before. He needed help.
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