Top Lane Noobie >.<

Hi everyone how are you :) Im an adc main (silver so yeah...) anyway, the only lane i simply cannot win any match at all is the top lane. ive tried for like 2 years now (ok maybe not trying very hard...) and i just cant even.... this is actually cuse they are mostly melee champions and wen i try to trade as a melee i lose everytime i just dont get how u top laners manage to trade if ur so close to the other champ &gt;.&lt;(i tend to be really scared of even getting close to the other laner)... the solution ive come up with is to try and bring a ranged champion to the top lane so wat champions do u guys think are noob friendly ranged and good top laners? (and plz dont say teemo....xD) Thank you for ur time and here have a cute sticker with my main &lt;3{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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