Broken matchmaking, thanks Riot

So, here I am trying to boost my elo a bit on my smurf during preseason to get a good start when the season starts. I had great personal games but the teams lacked experience to win but I don't mind, they were all unranked so it's not their fault. I get 2 games were I personally absolutely destroyed the enemy team (18/5 scores...) but I still lose because of mistakes in teamfights. Then I wanted to play another ranked game.... As soon as we were in the loading screen, I went to Lolnexus and I noticed this RIDICULOUS matchmaking GAMEBREAKING mistake.... I got teamed up with all unranked people (nothing special) BUT... 3 persons of the enemy team were Silver (2x silver 1) and one person was even GOLD V. Needless to say that my team didn't stand a chance and got crushed. Riot, can you give me ONE reason why you would queue unranked people vs ranked people that are not even below silver... The entire game was so pathetic to look at and I felt so sorry for the people in my team that were new to ranked (i'm a gold 1 smurf). I'm trying to carry myself and my team but this was just an impossible game. Link leads to the lolnexus screenshot, have a laugh at how good the matchmaking is... Things like this will make my elo get stomped on and will place me in bronze after the provisionals... No fun in trying to reach plat on my smurf when I get placement games like this. Anyone else having this same issue?

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