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Help me. Please can you recommend me some toplaner champions I can solocarry with? I played Nocturne, Trynda, Jax. I consider myself as garen main but I don't want to play him because they can kite me. I want to dead dmg, splitpush well and need a good gapcloser to cazch enemies. Maybe cc is also good. I'm tired of getting teammates who are feeding hard and doing unreasonable suicide engages. I know I'm not totaly perfect but what they do is ridiculous. They make bronze mistakes I don't understand hpw are they gold. If you think iron, bronze and silver suck u should experience gold. A nightmare. Sorry for crypost but now I feel better. So back to the main question. Please can you recommend me some easy to play toplaners I can solocarry with? Here is my OP.GG: Thank you for your answers. Have a nice day! :)
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