And for the 3rd really gotta look at Tank in ARAM....

Please note that this is an ARAM Thread, not SR or TT, remenber that in ARAM its always a Mess and constant fighting or poking in a single lane. We all know it is a Luck based gamemode, you gotta play what you get or you roll or you face the consequences of leaving, period.... But come on....i think Tanks are the real Godlike champions in ARAM, it is already my 3rd Post about this matter, and yet i dont see anything related to it being done, work on some tweaks for Tank items in ARAM. ARAM isnt just a Game Mode, its a Permanent Game Mode, its not something we get to play some weekends, and it deserves some attention, otherwise just better remove it like you did to Dominion, i speak for my self and probably for a a lot of other players out there, having to deal with 3 or more tanks in a Single lane map its just frustrating. (note that i already said its a luck based mode, either you play it or not, up to you!) Despite buying whatever is necessary to counter tanks (Morello, Mortal Reminder, Lord Dominiks, BoRK..etc..etc...) if the enemy team or even my team has 2 or more tanks and let 10 minutes pass, it just gets frustrating watching a GAREN, MUNDO, and TRUNDLE having an ARAM Party with a LULU in the back (Yes, my last game at the time of this post was vs that team plus a GP), despite my effort as KHAZIX to try to knock down lulu first, because all the time we got the opportunity to move a little further was when she was dead, still wasnt enough, you can imagine....once i jump on Lulu she just ulti her self, and Garen to the rescue..... Tanks are just Goliaths in ARAM, i have been playing ARAMs even before there was a queue for it, and things change a little bit time from time, but it all ends up in the same....Tanks
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