Riot We need some answers.

Riot would you like answer these question 1. Why Riot allows people ruin game? 2. Why riot doesnt punish bad player? 3. Why riot refuse listen obvious solution? 4.What we suppose to do when you teammate actively trying lose game? My answer for those. Alot of people Feel that trolls have way too much power in the game. we all can agree flamers get way more punishment than trolls. trolls hard to catch and mostly they can excuse as a bad game. because trolling has excuse and flaming not for that reason flamer get more banned. Riot refuse punish bad player because its not against the rules. The biggest flaw in this system is Troller who want troll and get no punishment is intetionally play poorly. these steps following you wont get punished. 1 Do not int feed. 2 Do not flame. 3. Do not act %%%%%%ly. Following these steps i can play ivern top. Is it playing ivern top punishable? all Rules says no. do ivern top lose alot of match ups. Yes So im allowed intentionally pick ivern top having losing match up lost my lane and get stomped and get away with this sentence. "sorry team bad game im trying my best to win but cant" That free pass from avoid ban. Its such big flaw in the system I cant stand this anymore. Look i had intention troll my team what i should do. First of all never rage never flame and never int. Just pick useless champ and lose lane. How does my team feels. they feels terible cause First of all they lack 1 person in team because im with ivern became useless. + bonuses. People who flames me for trolling i can just report them and they get chat restricted. Its just i dont know how to say. SAd terrible sad. my Solution. Punish player who play bad. Do not take away honor just put some condition that they not allow play ranked until improve in draft mode. Like simple example. Like i intentionally play poorly and my entire team lose. entire team report me for being unskileld and ruining ranked games. And riot put me into Forced draft queue. I must get S rank 5 games until i can join ranked again. This system increase people try improve at game to get s rank IF they start troll in draft mode for that reason just ban them. Am i wrong board people and riot??? Would you like get me in everysingle game playing poorly and get away with excuse like im bad at the game. Do you agree with fact i can play poorly and lose people games over and over and get away. What i learned in 5y of playing this game. if you flame person who actively trying lose game with excuse you get punished. I have 15acc banned. all for flame and i admit it. Im flamer and i flame hard. Do i think people deserve that flame yes. But also understand Riot company. they dont want lose more players. Because implementing system like that and punishing players who play bad will reduce people playing ranked game even more. some people just quit. But do you think Its fair that people who play poorly intentionally or not allow continue play ranked games? I hope riot would ban me soon so i dont need play this toxic game anymore. I wish contact With rioter personally and have discussion about this but im not allowed use Support ticket. I would Like honest discussion with rioter or someone who use logic and common sense. Do you have maybe some sollution please share with me? Thank you for reading this.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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