I can't wait for this upcoming adc update.

Games tend to be won or lost in the bot lane, as the adc is by far the most snowbally role. Since they all serve such a similar purpose, if one ever gets ahead of the other then it's likely to be gg there and then. I just hope they add some more skill involved than just right clicking for a huge proportion of the damage you deal. The number of times a Jinx manages to get one kill on the enemy adc and then snowballs out of control is just beyond broken, since the worst part is, there's really no way to come back from it. As soon as the enemy adc gets a lead, you're forced to play passively for the rest of the lane, and hope your support/jungler can make an impact. That's one of the reason I find Vel'Koz to be the most balanced champion in the game. Yes he has one of those typical 3 hits to proc passives, but unlike other champions with said passives, getting the third proc is actually quite difficult, since he doesn't have a huge number of slows and point and click cc abilities like Vi, Vayne and Ekko and it allows him to make pretty strong comebacks in lane, but also allows his enemy to outplay him by making sure they don't let him proc the third hit. This kind of play is almost completely absent in the bot lane and makes it very difficult for you to catch up if you get behind, as many adc's have similar 'right click' play styles and build very similarly. I hope the update removes the point and click auto attack style of adc's and adds in some sort of skill shot focus for them , similar to the way they function in SMITE, so that even if you're behind you have the ability to really outplay your opponent. I have no idea how RIOT would be able to incorporate this into their game, but hey, they're the ones getting paid to do this.
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