Ranked matchmaking broken

its so hard win ranked nowdays I get really often teammates that int so hard early like in the last 5 different games I had \- 2/15 riven in 25 minutes \-1/11 zoe 22 minutes \-1/9 irelia in 19 minutes \-4/12 kha'zix in 24 minutes \-1/15 vi in 24 minutes in high gold / low plat elo. SO HOW THE %%%% I AM SUPPOSED TO WIN THESE GAMES. playing ranked is no longer fun for me or my friends we all suffer about that we get so bad teammates who ruin the whole game for us. I do not deserve those kinds of teammates and they arent supposed be in that elo for sure. another flaw from lol If I say something like "stop inting" to someone who does that I get chat restricted and if I int 20-30 games in gold elo I've tested that I dont even get banned if I run down mid. TDLR: matchmaking is shit and everyone in lol made from sugar (honor system)
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