Rapid Firecannon or Statikk Shiv on ADCs in Season 6?

**Rapid Firecannon or Statikk Shiv on ADCs in Season 6?** This article is written by me - _"LagsAlot" a high elo player on EUW_ - and contains my personal opinion on Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv on ADCs in Season 6 and mathematical statistics. Feel free to discuss the topic in the comments down below. **After the Marksman Update in Preseason 6 you were able to buy both Items (Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv) and benefit from both passive damage sources. ** _This isn't the case any more so I decided to compare these items._ Both Items cost the same amount of gold and have the exact same build-path so they just differ in stats and their unique passive. They also share a passive to trigger the unique passive. This passive is the same for both items but do not interact with each other. If you build both Items the one with more damage will activate the damage effect. * **Statikk Shiv** grants 35% Attackspeed, 30% Critical Chance, 5% Movement Speed and an unique passive: "Your Energized attacks deal 30-100 bonus magic damage (based on level) to up to 5 targets on hit (deals +75% bonus damage on minions and can critically strike)." * **Rapid Firecannon** grants 30% Attackspeed, 30% Critical Chance, 8% Movement Speed and an unique passive: "Your Energized attacks gain 35% bonus range (+150 range maximum) and deal 50-200 bonus magic damage (based on level) on hit." Also "Energized attacks function on structures." is shown as a little text below the unique passive of Rapid Firecannon. **Let's start the comparison.** * "Energized attacks function on structures." This text isn't shown on Statikk Shiv which means that you have a bonus impact (bonus damage and range) on towers with Rapid Firecannon - this is leading to a better sieging potential, especially with Caitlyn, Jinx and Tristana. * The stats of those items are pretty similar but they differ a bit. They both give the same amount of Critical Chance (30%) but Statikk Shiv has 5% more bonus Attackspeed than Rapid Firecannon but Rapid Firecannon grants 3% bonus Movement Speed more. These differences aren't that heavy, you won't even notice the Attackspeed difference that much. The Movement Speed difference is (at least for me) more noticeable and more valuable. * So the more base Movementspeed or bonus flat Movementspeed from items (e.g. Boots, Black Cleaver, Dead Man's Plate and Trinity) a champion has the more effective is Rapid Firecannon on him. **Let's go over and compare the most important thing, the unique passives.** * The unique passive of Rapid Firecannon grants more damage to a single target while the unique passive of Statikk Shiv is made for wave clearing or damaging multiple targets at once. The possible total damage of Statikk Shiv is still higher than the total damage of Rapid Firecannon. But the single target damage of Rapid Firecannon is higher than the single target damage of Statikk Shiv. * Also Rapid Firecannon has a bonus effect on the attackrange of a champion. This bonus hits its maximum at around 430 (430*0,35=150.5) attackrange which no Champion has. So Champions with a total range of 450 and more benefit the most from Rapid Firecannon's bonus effect on the attackrange. * The attackrange is a bonus attackrange. So having a high base attackrange (above 450) is still better than a having an average one (above 450 as well). **Let's compare Caitlyn (650 Attackrange), Lucian (500 Attackrange) and Tristana, Jinx and Kog'Maw with Rapid Firecannon as the very first item. Let's imagine that we have the item finished at Level 9 so it's easier to calculate the Tristana passive in. ** * With Rapid Firecannon as the very first item Caitlyn has an Attackrange of 800 with the unique passive, Lucian would have an Attackrange of 650 and Tristana would have an Attackrange of 756 (at level 9). * Lucian has as much Attackrange as Caitlyn without Rapid Firecannon and is able to pressure the enemies with autoattacks as much as a Caitlyn could without Rapid Firecannon (I don't consider use of abilities because this would be to in-depth and theoretical). * Caitlyn meanwhile has 800 Attackrange and is able to pressure the enemies even more. Her team has now the possibility to move more freely due to the pressure of Caitlyn. This grants her team a big advantage. _So a Champion with a high basic amount of Attackrange can pressure the enemies more than others could with Rapid Firecannon._ * Champions like Jinx (525-700 Attackrange possible at level 9), Kog'Maw (500-710 Attackrange possible at level 9) and Tristana (756 Attackrange at level 9) are special with Rapid Firecannon. They can change their amount of Attackrange and with this the pressure they can exert. Kog'Maw just for a limited time and Jinx won't use just one of her Q abilities. _Champions with "Attackrange-Increasing-Abilities" and Rapid Firecannon hit a Power-Spike at the level they have their "Attackrange-Increasing-Ability" on level 5._ * Meanwhile Tristana gets more Attackrange the higher her level is. So Rapid Firecannon and the pressure Tristana gets from it scales with Tristana's level. Also Tristana has the greatest Attackrange of all champions at Level 18 with 669 without Rapid Firecannon and 819 with Rapid Firecannon which grants her the best pressure of all ADCs (with autoattacks only) but closely followed by Caitlyn with 650/800 Attackrange. **As a conclusion to the Attackrange** I can say that a Champion with more base Attackrange can pressure more effectively (only with autoattacks) compared to those with lower base Attackrange. Nevertheless it's not bad to enlarge the Attackrange of an ADC, there won't be a disadvantage from increasing the Attackrange of a champion. **So you can see that Statikk Shiv is made for fighting against groups and wave-clearing while Rapid Firecannon is made to have a great 1v1, siege and poke potential. ** **Choose the item you want depending on your play-style and team-comb.** * If you have a wombo combo going on, go for Statikk Shiv. * Are you a sieging team, go for Rapid Firecannon. **If I only look at the basic stats the both Items grant I would choose Rapid Firecannon over Statikk Shiv because I value Movement Speed over Attackspeed and it fits my play-style more.** Keep in mind that I don't want to force you to play your ADCs like I describe in this article. Play like you want and feel free to build everything you want. This is just a suggestion and feel free to test it on your own. Thank you for reading my second League of Legends article and feel free to leave critic and questions in the comment section down below. Don't forget to read my latest article about ["Lifesteal Runes on ADCs in Season 6"](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/h16mf5V2-lifesteal-runes-on-adcs-in-season-6) as well. _Feel also free to visit my [Youtube Channel](http://Youtube.com/LagsAlot) and my [Twitter](http://Twitter.com/LolLagsAlot)._ http://i.imgur.com/Ufm1J8J.png **I wish you a very nice day and a wonderful Snowdown. Cya in my next article.**

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