Playing against Nasus

Guys I really dont know what to do anymore so im asking you for Advice. i play League since season 2 so i have quite a lot of experience and i would say i can play against every champion effectively. Except one, Nasus. How do you guys do it? What do you pick? How do you play the lane? No matter what i do i cant seem to win lane agains this Champion. I play mostly Riven as shes my favourite Champion. Usually when the Lane begins i get a lead in cs xp and kills on him so thats good. I try and freeze my lane so he cant get farm but sometimes i cant and he gets a few stacks. The problem is his ultimate. When he uses it he just becomes unbeatable for me. Like i get him to 20% hp he uses ult and its over he gets so insane damage and health from it i just cant fight that not even with qonqueror active. So i try to bait it out before my all in but his W slow is so strong he just runs me down with it. My cds are stil too high at this point of the game so i cant fake an engage and get away. Then i tried short trades where i save most of my spells for the disengage but this also doesnt work because his sustain is so high that a small trade doesnt cut it. And it only gets worse as the game goes on. Even with a good lead i can no longer fight him when he has ultimate up (around lvl 9-10). Its not helping that he only needs to build tank items and gets everything else for free .damage and sustain, things i have to pay a lot of gold for :/ Ironicly i can handly him in the latgegame. 40% cdr and a good amout of armorpen enable me to 1v1 him no problem. But If i get to this point then only thanks to a winning team because when midgame beginns my lane seems automaticly lost for some reason. Sorry for the wall of Text. tl,dr: How to win lane and !keep winning! lane against Nasus? alsy my english probably sucks
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