How I think they should fix Akali

Hi guys, just putting out some thoughts on Akali and hoping a Rioter sees it! {{sticker:sg-lulu}} _Yes I know "another one of these posts" but I am passionate about this, she is a fun champion_ **Over time we have seen buffs/nerfs to Akali:** P) Buff: Quality of Life with some movement speed Q) Nerf: Heal removed (5-20 +65%tAD +50%AP) W) Nerf: Revealed by tower attack range Nerf: Does not cancel attacks Nerf: +4-2s Cooldown time Buff*: Base duration -1s, Max duration -2s, 1 hit for max duration (from 6) E1) Buff: +20-40 damage E2) Nerf: -20 damage R) Buff: -20s Cooldown time Tweak: -15/0/+15 damage to both parts at levels 6/11/16 Stats) Buff: +2.5HP5 (30 HP per minute) *this ends up as a -1s duration nerf if you don't attack from shroud and +1.5s buff if you attack once, +1s if twice etc **My opinion** Akali is inherently annoying to play against due to the shroud - but this has been been fixed as far as possible imo (Nerf: Revealed by tower attack range, Nerf: Does not cancel attacks) and in her current state I find she has 3 real problems left to being a balanced choice: 1) She has no built in sustain - so why not play LeBlanc or Kat? 2) She is being pushed toplane which is unhealthy for melee champions there. She is being seen building AD or tanky instead of the intended AP and quite often running Fleet Footwork etc to abuse this. 3) She does not scale well. I'm sure many will disagree immediately with me on this but every match I play or spectate I see her get fed or a good KDA but she isn't a threat as an assassin unless your team puts in a few heavy punches first. She has no poke, limited burst and if the enemy support is an enchanter you simply can't deal enough damage lategame. **How I personally think she should be fixed** Q) NERF: Remove the extra 33% damage **to minions** at max rank. This would make her less of a splitpush and farming problem. BUFF: Heal added back in as before but only the AP part (+50%AP) AND is reduced by the enemy MR just like the damage is, making a sort of spellvamp. This would stop her being as much of a problem until the item following Gunblade and Sorcerer's Shoes but allow her kit to feel relevant and toplaners can build MR to counter. The Q heal at high energy took control and strategy - she feels empty without it. "ACTIVE: Akali throws a flurry of kunais in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. Enemies hit at maximum range are also slowed by 50% for 0.5 seconds. At rank 5, deals 33% bonus damage to monsters. Health is restored to Akali based on the damage inflicted that was contributed by her AP" Magic Damage: 25/50/75/100/125 (+65%AD)(+50%AP) Heal: (50%AP) reduced by enemy Magic Resist W) NERF: Feel free to take another 2s off the base and max duration here, I agree it is annoying for her opponents to wait 10s. E1) NERF: -30 damage from all ranks. Shifting a bit of damage from her trading to make her more of an assassin threat later on. R2) BUFF: (+10%AP) to make it a 40%AP ratio. **Patch 9.7 PBE** Why not throw these changes onto the current PBE cycle and see if it brings Akali back to her full intended kit while being a lot healthier than originally released? If it is unclear whether they are working or not just pull the changes off before live release until the 9.8 cycle. Thanks, lulose {{champion:78}}
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