Riot Games is actually serious about TFT? I rightfully doubt it!!!

To tell you the truth, I tried my best to either tolerate or ignore many irritating things as long as I could, but what Riot is doing to TFT (and not only TFT) with the newest patches is **so absurd**, that it has finally become a bit too much for one girl to keep it all to herself. **1)** 6 shapeshifters (120% hp) and 6 brawlers (1200 hp) bonuses in 9.15. The game tries to confuse you. There are **ONLY 5** champions of both shapeshifters and brawlers in TFT and you cannot create any more of them by using items, because there are no such items at all! And guess what? You need to either figure it out by playing TFT a lot or by using other sources due to the fact that TFT gives you very little in-game information. Right now many players are simply unaware of this and they will honestly try to get all 6 and fail miserably - how does that feel?.. _"We added this for... reasons, so just don't worry about it, ok?"_ - (c) Riot Games. Hello, Riot, HELLO, are you still here with us - you know, on planet Earth?! What was the point of adding such changes if players are currently unable to make any use of it? **_Even if you're planning to add more champions in later patches, it still does not justify all the confusion you have created in 9.15!_** This is a _joke!_ **2)** Gold instead of items. Shortly after Riot Games added this feature on PBE servers, I opened PBE forum to see how players would react and, to my surprise, found out that **people there were asking to delete this right away.** Well, I can perfectly understand why they didn't like it. I hoped that such feedback would influence Riot's decisions and all players would get items. Nope. Riot brought this curse on main servers as well - like the negative feedback has never happened. Maybe Riot will change it in 9.15? **_Nope_** again. _"Ugh, let's give this player 1 gold piece and throw him against an opponent who already has 3 full items"_ - what a great plan. TFT has enough RNG, why are you making it even worse?.. This is a _mockery!_ **3)** Demons. Oh, Demons... This is a long one. At the very beggining, before the patches, I had found them a little frustrating already. You see, in TFT all the abilities _(except passives, but there are only a few and how useful they are is a matter for debate)_ used by champions require mana, despite what champions you are choosing - assassins, sorcerers, knights - mana is essential to use their abilities. And abilities are very important in terms of dealing damage and winning as a result. But demons - even if your opponent has only a few - can burn all of champion's mana away with ONE SUCCESFUL HIT, not to mention the pure damage they deal equal to the mana burned. Yes, the first time I encountered demons I felt frustrated and very concerned, but back then players weren't really building many demons, and I chose to ignore this questionable "power" of demons which seemed imbalanced to the core. When demons got improved in 9.14 (yes, improved, because the final 80% chance turned into 85%), I couldn't ignore that any longer, because other players started building armies of demons alone and it proved extremely effective. Let me remind you: **one succesful hit can deal a lot of damage and burn ALL MANA of any champion, leaving this champion literally toothless without his abilities.** A pack of demons can make most, if not all, of your champions useless due to their mana being constantly burned - and even a 20% chance is already enough to reach this goal!!! But Riot gave Demons a wonderful 85% chance to do so in 9.14, making them far too powerful - even Glacial had less chances of freezing. In 9.15, on the other hand, Riot stated that "DEMONS ARE TOO STRONG" and tried to make them weaker. SERIOUSLY?.. You created a game there all champions depend on mana to use their abilities **_and you didn't have the slightest idea that creating a group of champions who can burn all mana would turn this group into an ultimate force most of the players are now abusing???_** And Demons have good synergy with other champions as well........... Why add such a mechanic in the first place if mana is so important for the champions? Do you really think that turning 25%/50%/85% chance into 20%/35%/60% has weakened Demons, **especially if they still burn ALL mana away, not some amount of it, not half of it, ALL OF IT?! ** This is _ridiculous!_ **4)** Void in 9.15. Wow, look here, summoners! These champions can now deal true damage! Well, thank you for leaving the Void... useless yet again? I mean, 4 champions only - and they don't really have good synergy (except for Cho and Rek'Sai maybe) or damage to begin with - so why bother getting them, when you can build an army of demons and deal true damage with manaburn, oh, and they have better synergy as well. I wrote about this **_vast_** improvement because it made me laugh. So yeah, this is _laughable!_ That's not even half of what I think about TFT, and my impression of this "game" is horrible in general: it has so many flaws, bugs, not to mention the AI used in TFT is the definition of **_wit's end._** Balance? It has no signs of such a pointless thing. This is crystal clear. Period. And don't even throw this "IT'S ONLY A BETA" phrase at me, I'm not buying it - it can't excuse Riot's _lack of effort_ anyway. A beta with ranked games available? What's the point, if the game is in such a poor state?.. Oh-h... To attract newcomers with, I'm claiming it again, very little effort Riot put into this?.. If you still think that "beta" can excuse everything, when I believe Riot should have gone even further and claimed that TFT is in a pre-alpha state. Yeap, a pre-alpha with ranked - would have been more sincere. Also rename "Team Fight Tactics" into _"Team Fights Random ~~(Pointlessly)~~"_ to be 100% accurate. And LoL suffers from bugs as well - 9.14 was a shocker. Riot Games in 2019... Now I'm feeling especially sad about the death of my video card that prevents me from playing any fine games instead of this... Looks like my fate is sealed: I'm doomed to play only this for a very long while and maybe create even more discussions as a result. **_This is a pain._** Enjoy. :\

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