Is League of Legends in BAD hands?

As a mage player, I feel totally slapped in the face this pre-season for absolutely no reason. I think Riot is running a very thin line with a lot of people. The vast majority of SANE players want everyone to be viable or at least usable in the game. (The players that only want to play AD champs and say "its good that there is an AD meta because AP was viable for so long". Yeah, when was the last time you saw an AP mage beat an ADC at farm in bot lane?) Its a ying-yang balance that Riot has completely knocked out of balance and these current nerfs to {{champion:34}} and {{champion:63}} SHOW that somebody at Riot does not want any mages to be viable at the moment. Recently I have noticed a significant drop in the quality of League of Legends, not just in the design choices but in general. There have been several small graphical changes that have re-textured some champions and skins to make them worse and then Riot has currently come out with - {{champion:245}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:420}}... These champions SPELL the DEFINITION of LAZY because its obvious they were pushed out for maximum profit WITHOUT play testing them or listening to player feedback. (Look at {{champion:268}}, nerf, buff, nerf, buff - It is pretty clear that Riot had no idea what to do with him.). Most of these champions have the same 3 hit ability passive - {{champion:245}}{{champion:429}} {{champion:223}} all spring to mind. Their conception has been good but the execution and balance of their abilities are absolutely stupid, currently {{champion:420}} is super powerful so people buy her and skins. Even the champion splash art has been been good for a while, I mean you have one or two good reworked splash arts like {{champion:98}} or {{champion:26}} but then you just get really bad attempts like {{champion:55}} (EVERYONE said this was bad - Riot Ignored Them) and it just seems to me like Riot really does not seem to care anymore about their own product. Their decisions have been baffling to me as of late and there has just been an overall drop in quality. Plus Riot, please stop releasing champions blatantly overpowered so you can try and make as much money as possible because it disturbs the game balance which should NEVER be dictated by income. Star Trek: Online does that and it suffers from a serious shortfall of players now because people got tired of being manipulated. You are not doing yourself any favors and people will start to jump ship soon. I hope Riot wakes up before that. Plus not Riot are gutting the lore and concept of champions like {{champion:78}} now so what is the point of practicing any champion since Riot are likely to change it a week later?
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