Dear Riot, I have a request for you.

Before asking my request, I want to thank you for giving us those awesome splash arts: Theses were some of the older splash arts of the game, see them updated is a very cool from you! ^^ Now, here is my request for you. There are two old champions that need a base splash art update, Swain and Rammus: If we could have them both updated (and not changed with an ugly Chinese splash art), that would be awesome! We've seen few months ago on PBE this cool base splash of Swain: What happend with it? Why wasn't it updated on live servers? Also Eve need both a new splash and a visual rework This one doesn't fit with the new Shadow Isles's lore :/ There are many more that need an update to me but I won't include them, it would get annoying at a point. Write in the comments what do you think about it! ^^
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