Kindred is far to weak at the moment. Patch 6.19 (Unplayable)

I've played Kindred on and off since their release and when they were first release they were in a good spot. however after all the nerfs (especially the one where marks are only in the enemy jungle) they feel to weak to play even against horrible team comps and bad players, now i know people will say in Diamond+ this champ is alright but in bronze, where i am stuck because i'm to lazy to climb there is no advantage to playing them. {{champion:203}} used to be a jungler that would be good to fight top tier junglers like Kha'zix {{champion:121}} or Diana {{champion:131}} and recently i've been losing to silly junglers or being destroyed by non-damage champions even with my % damage. My main problems are the fact that you can only get marks by risking your life, and against any decent team it's impossible to get marks since the enemy jungler and midlane will sit in a bush untill you try and take them (it used to be like this half the time) but you could wait untlil the mark moved to your jungle. when the champ is so squishy and low range ganking is almost impossible, this means you cant kill champions that you have marked and this all ads up to one of the most difficult early games in league. When going into the late game most champions will destroy you anyways due to your low armour/magic resist/health growth and the fact you do no damage (due to the fact you have no marks, unless you fed your ass off trying to get them) _**Overall i wish Riot would revert the nerfs and start over from scratch trying to balance this champion because removing marks from you jungle isn't the way to do it.**_ Making this champ reliant on kiting and risking your life for a little bit more damage is unhealthy for the champion and can lead to you feeding and losing your team the game. _**I will continue "playing" kindred in the hopes of figuring out how to play this shit or at least find a good reason to pick them.**_ Game 1: Marks got soft camped by Taliyah jungle everyone on team fed and i couldn't get kills late game. 3/11/3 - 30:18 Game 2: Marks got hard camped by Pantheon jungle, i couldn't 1v1 pantheon (their mid kept coming into my jungle and my mid was sleeping), i fed really bad early but the enemy threw and i was able to fight back. 3/6/8 - 25:25 Game 3: Tried not going for my marks, entire team fed and couldn't 1v1 anyone on there team and my team was bad. had no damage due to not having marks. team flamed me and we lost with only 5-9 kills on the entire team. 1/8/2 - 20:18 (instant surrender) _**Champion is too squishy for jungle**_
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