The new Rengar Rework is a faliure.

I have given months for this new Rengar to settle down. I played a lot of games with him to see wether I'd like him or not. But I have had enough. I'm just going to say it. The new Rengar Rework is a complete %%%%ing failure. So What is the problem? The problem is that they just destroyed Rengar's identity ingame. Before, his kit was perfect for his theme. Every single bit. Now it just sucks hard. You can see that Riot destroyed him evidenced by the fact that a lot of respected Rengar mains in the community quit Rengar. JollyJaeger, is the only example i can think of rn. He was the creator of the best and the most popular Rengar guide. After the rework, he deleted the guide and quit rengar. You can imagine what the rest did. Here, I'll break down the problems I have with him. 1. Bonetooth Necklace The biggest problem is that.... they removed the cool quotes he had from before when he got stacks. :( Alright the actual problem I have with the rewards is that its just the most %%%%ing boring shit on planet earth. Damage on top of damage on top of damage. that is just bullshit if you are asking me. Now i understand that the previous rendition was not perfect. But at least it added something other than just raw damage. Also when you are playing Rengar, getting the first and the second stack is just the most useless shit ever. 1% damage? 3% damage? like what useless shit is that. I personally would like things that add either depth to his kit, or give him a bigger variety of stats. Not only ad, but ad, lethality, health, movespeed, some crap with the bushes etc. 2. Bush jump. The range is just too %%%%ing big. Like holy hell. It was the one we have before when we were at 12 stacks but holy hell is this op earlygame. I want a sort of middle ground between the two that will stay consistent. The jump range suddenly increasing really %%%%s with the enemy and is just toxic. 3. Ferocity. They made it so that you have to stay in battle to get the stacks. One problem. An assassin doesn't stay in battle. This just encourages ppl to build him tank. But i cant really blame riot for this though. Allow for full stacks to be kept and the oneshots are back. Do this and hes no longer an assassin. 4. His Q This is a big issue. The old one was toxic. No denying that. But it was better than this garbage. Like why does it have a cast time. Riot gave his main damage dealing ability cast times. This with the ferocity shit just makes ppl build him like a tank. But yeah. I feel weird about this if i am being honest. 5. His W. The CC immunity thing is stupid. He can go into fights, oneshot an adc and just run away. Ridiculous. Also, This is Rengar, not tahm, why we givin him grey health? 6. His E Its pretty much useless at this point. You either choose to 1. Blow up your enemy or 2. get the %%%% out of there 7. His R Its really dumb. why would he let his enemy know hes coming for them. and it has sooo much counterplay its insane. like a tahm can just %%%% your day up. or any support with 3 brain cells. 8. His Builds What builds? There is only bruiser at this point. the other fun builds are completely thrown out. Full ad? you get blown up too quickly Crit? nah AP? wuzzat? I mean you could even build blood razor into bork and be a crazy duelist. but yeah, thats out the window too. heres a quick tldr: The rework basically took a massive shit in Rengars theme and turned him from an assassin into a bruiser. GJ Riot
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