what do you think will be done to solve the massive problems that mages have?

it is really annoying that most mages do not deal any damage to tanks or even bruisers no matter how much magic penetration they build while they get killed within 4 seconds with little more than just base damage. it is also annoying that building AD gives you a significant advantage in last-hitting (and waveclear) over most ap champions and STILL improves your abilities if they scale with AD. furthermore there are no real health sustain options for mages so they are pathetically weak vs. poke and minion aggro. spellvamp is garbage and you have to spend mana to use it. meanwhile AD champs have many lifesteal options and can abuse the massive heals without having to spend mana. morello passive only works with magic damage and only below 40% health. mortal reminder counters heals way better. i'm not even talking about removing dfg and replacing it with an AD dfg. i really doubt the mage rework will even solve a part of them. especially since some champions will remain unchanged.

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