So... You thought Vladimir needed a nerf?

Because currently, his E is just complete Trash compared to before. Yes, on the first glance it might seem fine... And then you realize it is coded as an array of projectiles that stop at the first thing they hit, despite being shown as a burst that would hit everything in it's path. Meaning it lost the ability to waveclear, it lost the bonus self damage/healing minigame for keeping it up, and generally is more clunky. Then there is the Q... So, why exactly is the charge lost almost immediatly, telegraphing to the whole world you are going to try and step closer? Because the way it is currently, there is no way you will get that Q on anyone with half a brain outside of a Team Fight clusterf****, and, let's be honest, it wasn't teamfight potential Vlad was lacking, but a little better than trash early game. As he is after that rework, he is propably in a worse spot than on live, and on live he actually has Spellvamp to help out. As a sidenote, Tank Ekko is alive and well... Saw a Vlad (post rework) hit him with a Q and deal about 10 dmg. GG.

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