Tanks in LoL

I want to comment about the tanks in this game in general. They are WAY too strong. As in they deal too much damage. Tanks should be about team defense and tanking not about damage, which anyone who knows this game well knows that they are very good at. I play Sona as my main champion, just now I was in a match with a tanky Cho'gath in the enemy team. At first we were the same level and he simply annihilated me easily. Then his team was doing badly, I was level 16 and he was 12, and we had a one on one. HE ENDED UP WINNING. I was very close but still, it is ridiculous. I have been playing this game for 2 years and am a very good Sona player, the fact that he beat me several times is simple disbalance. I remember another game with a tanky Darius in the enemy team. He was VERY hard to take down, even with several players attacking him. But then he also had high damage and got many kills. I think this is BS, it is abusive. Riot please do a massive change to tanks in LoL. Taking down their damage considerably, and maybe adding to their tanking abilities as a compensation.

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