My ONE problem with Yorick (fix please)

If you manage to win a teamfight and you use your (R) Ultimate your pet is going to be roaming the map for an eternity. Meaning 100% sure you will not have your ulty up on the next teamfight because **the cooldown of your (R) only starts when your pet dies.** It's incredibly game changing and essential to have your ulty on the next teamfight BUT your pet just stays in lane for an eternity. Yorick is incredibly useless without his pets so my games go like: -I win a teamfight -I lose a teamfight because (R) is on cooldown -I win again because i have my ulty again -Lose a teamfight because (R) is on cooldown **Possible fix: -Make it possible to dismiss your pet** One may say: "but is usefull because the pet split pushes" It's not. It's more essential to have your (R) on the next teamfight and most of the times you just wish your pet dies as fast as possible {{champion:83}} {{item:3073}}
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