I can't even enjoy normals anymore...

As the title says, I actually can't even enjoy blind picks anymore... The reason for this is the actually unfairness of the game, and that's the player skill difference. I admit that everyone has bad games, even me, but the fact that I always get new players that want to learn the game and they face platinum and diamond players is literally unacceptable and it's ruining lots of games, the majority of players ending up intentionally feeding or AFKing for the rest of the game or even flaming in /all chat. This system really needs to be fixed imo so that the experienced players get to play against players of their skill cap, and the new players get to actually learn the game or even improving. TL;DR: Blind pick system actually needs a rework. P.S: Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. (I kinda consider this as an Off-Topic but oh well)
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