@Riot The new upcoming orianna skin

Hello, I have enjoyed playing ori for a long time now and I would love to have brought a skin or two other than sewn chaos so you can imagine my delight as a friend tells me she's getting a darkstar skin and since she's had no "impactful" skins aside from winter wonder, I was looking forward to seeing it and after reviewing the skin (I know it is subject to change) I would like to pass what I personally would like to see improved I am by no means saying its a bad skin as-is but it needs some tweaking, I've gone through the youtube comments of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bNQ0t3lM2Y video to gather information on this subject. here's the list (players feel free to comment about this skin to add to this list); The death animation, It feels somewhat... underwhelming for a darkstar skin, i assume this will be changed anyway since it's currently just the base death The shield, it seems alright at first but then I noticed it was just a black circle, I would love to see effects added to this it could look beautiful. Effects of w and r, I love what riot have done with this but I did notice a lack of effects unlike the ball movements. voice, sounds the same but again I believe this will be changed even if i didnt comment on this. skirt, the skirt for ori on this skin looks almost static (even though it's not), unlike the normal skin a little editing would show off the effects more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for reading, I'm sure you're working hard as love what you do and i know that maybe none of these things are changed about the skin but I'm writing this out because I want this skin to look its best and for ori mains to enjoy it as much as I'm sure I will on release. ---------------------------------------------------- The art for the skin is one of the best that riot has ever produced, your artists should be proud of themselves, careful detail was added here, same thing goes for the kha darkstar skin. *some of these are not my own opinions, please do not criticise but instead discuss over what you do and do not like.{{champion:61}}
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