League of Legends doesnt reward players for being good

do you know the games where you go 6/0 and try to carry but someone in your game goes 0/4 and single handedly loses you the game? you lose same ammount of LP, mmr and everything as the person who ruined you the game while you try your best to carry a game that could have been free win. In games like overwatch, dota 2 or CSGO, the game actually lets you carry these in ranked. In league of legends tho, you cant come back from a 8/0 enemy adc or so, you are screwed. For example in CS:GO, even if you lose, you can promote and rank up if you played well, which i think is the most fair system that can be. In league, you can go 7/0, you are the pro, you deserve this win, but you wont get it because someone ruins the game for you, and you lose LP just like he does. No diffirence, no reward for good plays. And i think thats why so many people are quitting league, they realized how bad riot treats good players. Riot doesnt care about good players, they arent trying to settle justice, improve rank system. They just let people ruin games unpunished, and even if you are a good player, the game doesnt apprecitate it. i just want to add this update: this might sound like im ranting about people having bad score sometimes, im not. this rant is about ranked system being unfair to some players. i think riot should consider making the rank system something similiar to csgo, where you can rank up when you lose too if you played well
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