Quinn is absurdly broken

So I just played a ranked game against a Quinn that went 39/1/4 in a 28 min game. She had 17 kills by 17 min. I literally have never seen any champ snowball this hard. She was just zapping around the map like a speed hacker and oneshotting everybody, getting triple kills in about 10 seconds. I was happily playing lb in my lane and kept getting oneshot. I literally did not proc my passive on her once the whole game. She would kill me in the matter of less than one second. So I understand she got fed and that she had more items etc. etc. but here's the problem - how can a single champ pressure the entire map with no counterplay? This should not be possible regardless of how much gold or experience you have. It's simply too much. This is Silver - I'm sure we could've done a lot to prevent this, but if a champ shouldn't be able to do this at any elo.
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