Draft pick Coop vs AI. MMMMaaaaaayyyybe?

Isn't it an idea to have a game mode where we get to choose a role, but still play against ai? Draft vs AI When I want to try out a champ (like a dedicated jungler) I can click jungle, go and play jungle. Instead of having to type jungle REALLY fast and hope everyone reads it and actually lets you play jungle. And they dont instalock a jungler first, even though you typed it first.... coop-vs-ai games are so... frustrating sometimes. Nine out of ten times there's a douchebag in the game. Honestly, draft mode ai is just an all round good idea imho and I dont see why we can't have that. Also... why is there no jungler on the enemy team? Maybe in this mode there could be a jungler? It will also relieve pressure off the top laner.
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