Not so daily reminder that warding IS the support's job

I feel like I do a thread like this every 3-6 months, but it's still a topic that seems to always crop up and annoy me. v.v Bottom line is the many people always say "Supports shouldn't be forced to ward" or similar things, and this is simply my response to that statement. ----------------- Should the Support be the only one having or placing wards? Hell no, when I see 5 pinks on the map I know this is a free win. But we are in season 6 now, we mids/tops/ADCs and partly jungles can't ward like we used to in season 4 and sooner anymore. We won't stick to our green trinkets just because we need to make up for something our Team shouldn't lack, and apart from the easiely cleared blue trinket wards we got a singular pink (that is also visible). Junglers can get the warding smite, but that Comes with sacrificing the others which can be a big deal. And I will not buy sightstone just to make up for my support's lack of one. Honestly, I have my own Job to do, I need the items for my Job to do it well, I don't have the space (or time) for sightstone and warding. ---------- Just buy a sightstone and ward, it's your Job as much as your ADCs Job is dealing damage or your junger's Job is objective control. :< But oh no, I'm telling others what to do now. Next time I'll buy sightstone on my midlaner and I hope you won't tell me that I should go for damage items. :p There are just things that come with playing a certain role. I can't play Mid and just ignore when the junglers skirmish either. --------------- /rant over I know not everyone agrees with that statement anyway, but I had to get this out of my system. :/
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